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From the Last Confessions of Guy the Magnificent, Day the Second

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Day the Second

Good morning, confessor mine. Lovely weather you’re having out there in the fort, it’s a shame you and your faithful can’t spend more time enjoying it. Though I suppose I’m one keeping you from a day in the sun at the moment. Where was I? Ah, yes, the humble burg of Aster.

A few evenings after I was deposited from my escape of the Dawnward’s wreck, I was comfortably residing in a small apartment above a distillery. It was a home that left a little to be desired in location, but made up for in privacy. I’d sold all of the Captain’s little vials except for one at what I now know was a considerable loss. That was a lesson that still rankles to this day, Inquisitor. You know those mistakes, the ones that are so obviously a product of ignorance that they leave you a bit ashamed looking back.

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