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From the Last Confessions of Guy the Magnificent, Day the Second

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Day the Second

Good morning, confessor mine. Lovely weather you’re having out there in the fort, it’s a shame you and your faithful can’t spend more time enjoying it. Though I suppose I’m one keeping you from a day in the sun at the moment. Where was I? Ah, yes, the humble burg of Aster.

A few evenings after I was deposited from my escape of the Dawnward’s wreck, I was comfortably residing in a small apartment above a distillery. It was a home that left a little to be desired in location, but made up for in privacy. I’d sold all of the Captain’s little vials except for one at what I now know was a considerable loss. That was a lesson that still rankles to this day, Inquisitor. You know those mistakes, the ones that are so obviously a product of ignorance that they leave you a bit ashamed looking back.

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From the Final Confession of Guy the Magnificent As Dictated to Inquisitor Amalia, Executor of Law, Manlo Province

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Day the First

May I digress a little and tell you about how I once saved a princess, fair Inquisitor?

I ask as a formality of course, as this is my final confession and you’re law-bound to hear at least five days of it before I go to the Wall. I’m in no rush to wrap up my rather unusual story by omitting anything particularly juicy, and this bit has the novel value of being mostly true.

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Crazy Pills

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Short Version: Geek religious persecution over Jedi Hood.

Slashdot News Story | Jobcentre Apologizes For Anti-Jedi Discrimination.

Fiction: Apotheosis

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Listen: Jack Blount became a god.

He changed from a normal man like you or I to something more. Something that takes strides hundreds of thousands of kilometers long. Something that can peer across the galaxy or into the very workings of a human mind with equal ease. Something that can juggle asteroids with one hand and atoms with the other.

Something that will not age or grow sick. Something with knowledge older than the Earth itself.

Something not human.

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Nerd Alert

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Okay, this one’s probably only going to be interesting to people who have, to some extent, caught the comic book bug. More specifically, the super hero bug. I suppose it could be interesting for people who are into pop culture studies too. I’m going to be talking about the portrayal of smart people in comics, so if that tickles your fancy stick around. Continue reading