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American Political Discourse In the 21st Century

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apparently includes the vehicular rebuttal.

Road rage, accident centers on Obama bumper sticker – WKRN, Nashville, Tennessee News, Weather, and Sports |.

Just to keep things fair and balanced, a verbal rebuttal from the driver

Dude, it was totally an accident.


Like, you know, we’re in, like, this big computer.

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Reality is a quantum computer – Boing Boing.

Time Management Issues

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Truly multitasking can be dangerous. Learn from this kid’s mistake: don’t fence your stolen goods using the computer in the store you’re stealing from, don’t check out porn while you’re robbing a place and don’t use MySpace- that shit is over.

Burglar saves time by using company’s computer – State & Regional | Tri-City Herald : Mid-Columbia news.

Brilliance on a Scale Unimaginable

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In brief:

“It was easy,” said task force chairperson Bridget Keeney. “We did a little research and discovered that we have hundreds of boxes of already-approved history textbooks from the 1940s through the 1960s lying around in the basement of the State Museum. They’re a little old, but they’ve been well-preserved and should serve our students well. Best of all, we already own them, so they’re free.”

Why this is a bad idea:

I dunno, maybe shit’s changed a little in the last 50 years? I mean, segregation isn’t legal anymore to start with…

via South Carolina avoids Texas-style textbook dilemma | theDiscust.

Change You Can Believe In

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It should be pretty clear by now that Obama is not Jesus, and it’s only our own fault if that comes as a surprise. I’m okay with that, honestly, but it still stings a little to see exactly what lessons the government learned from the Bush years and how little a commitment to transparency means to the current administration.

Briefly: Under Obama there has been less governmental openness, as measured in Freedom of Information Act requests that have been improved. More specifically, the ‘deliberative process exemption’ that was supposed to be curtailed according to Obama’s own directives.

PROMISES, PROMISES: Records not so open with Obama.

Crazy Pills

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Short Version: Geek religious persecution over Jedi Hood.

Slashdot News Story | Jobcentre Apologizes For Anti-Jedi Discrimination.

Curt Connors is going to be pissed.

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One gene lost = one limb regained? Scientists demonstrate mammalian regeneration through a single gene deletion.